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Sharpening Jig for HSS Parting Blades

The jig can sharpen both "T" type and bevel type blades.
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Australian Price = $38.50 each
Base price $ 35.00
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Sales price $ 38.50
Tax amount $ 3.50
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The jig has a 2 degree angle on one side for bevel blades and the other side is vertical for "T" type blades. 
The handle can be positioned in either side of the block. Just change the handle position to clamp the blade against the side that suits the blade type.
HSS blades up to 4.8mm (3/16") wide and 25mm (1") tall can be sharpened.
The block has a built in angle to give 4 degrees front clearance angle for zero rake blades, but different front angles can be set by adjusting the grub screw at the front of the slot. This is for holders that have a rake angle built in.


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