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The Acute Tool Sharpening System has been designed as an easily built and cost effective way to make the shaping and sharpening of a wide range of tool bits and cutters in the workshop as simple as possible.
Crobalt has been manufactured in the USA since the 1920s and is a cast alloy made from 50% Cobalt, with the other 50% being Tungsten, Chromium, their carbides and some other additives.
The Diamond Tool Holder was originally developed in Australia by Des Burke in 1985 and manufactured by him until 2006. The name came from the shape the tool bit takes on when seen from above.
The FoR (Front or Rear) Inverted Parting Tool Holder operates with the blade held upside down and can be used in a front or rear tool post.
Turn large and small internal and external radii at any position on the workpiece. Adaptable to fit on the cross slide of virtually any small to medium sized lathes, and quick to swap over in place of the top slide.
The premium quality blades we stock are sourced from the largest manufacturer of repetition lathe tooling in the USA. The blades have a slight hollow grind along the top (bottom) cutting edge which assists in curling the chip for easier ejection from the cut.

Helpful Videos

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The Diamond Tool Holder - Features and Tips
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The Acute Tool Sharpening System
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