"T" Type Parting Off Blades

The premium quality blades we stock are sourced from the largest manufacturer of repetition lathe tooling in the USA.

The blades have a slight hollow grind along the top (bottom) cutting edge which assists in curling the chip for easier ejection from the cut. 

The industry standard height for 1/2" "T" type parting blades is actually close to 12mm.
Please be aware that some of the cheaper "T" type blades from China and India are 12.7mm (1/2") high and will not fit the FoR inverted parting tool holder.



Each holder can take any of the 5 x blade widths shown above. 

Parting off in a 7 x 10 "Mini Lathe" is best accomplished using the narrower blades (1mm and 1.6mm) due to this type of lathe's low rigidity and power.