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I have recieved a large number of emails from satisfied customers over the years so I have pasted a handful of them below.

 The Projects In Metal website and the Model Engineering Website have done thorough road tests of the Diamond Tool Holders.
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Recently recieved my Diamond Tool Holder from your UK supplier.This is a fantastic piece of kit, it has already saved me buying spare inserts for my existing cutting tools therefore I have saved money straight away. Easy to use, and with the grinding jig re-grinding is a joy


Alan (UK) 


Hi. I cant sharpen HSS tools, i never worked in engineering so never had a reason to learn how to sharpen them. Then three years ago I retired and started model engineering for a hobby. Not being able to sharpen HSS tools is a problem so to get around it I use tools with replaceable tips so saving the sharpening problem. But using indexable carbide tips is a problem. They all have a big radius so I cant cut square shoulders. Also I can't make light cuts, if I do they just rub rather than cut. I know HSS will cure both of the problems because someone once gave me a sharp HSS tool and for a while it was great, but then it needed sharpening and I was buggered.

My wife bought one of your Diamond Tool Holders yesterday for my Xmas present and said I could try it out just to see if it works ok. I couldn't believe just how easy it was to sharpen using the jig. I then put it in my old Myford Super 7 and it produced the best cuts I have ever seen. It does facing cuts just as good and the square shoulders are amazing. I even managed to take cuts of only half a thou which is unheard of for me. I just wished I had bought one three years ago.
She tried getting it back off me to wrap up for Xmas but I told her she can't wrap it because it's oily now (luckily she believed me). So tomorrow it will get a lot more testing.

Congratulations on making such a great tool holder.


Don   (UK)


Hi. Purchased the 16mm Diamond Tool Holder a month or so ago and got to finally do some turning with it for the first time.

After not using HSS for quite some time now I have to say I was very impressed with the rigidity and cutting ability of your design, so thankyou for making this available to the public and I'm sure I will get many years use from it.


Michael  (Australia)


I purchased a diamond tool holder in 2009-03.

Friend brought it out from OZ to SA for me.

It has sat in the box until last weekend (too many other problems). Well I ground the toolbit and set it up.

What a pleasure to use. Roughing is fast and the finish is great.

Thank you for a great product. Just sorry it has taken me so long to be able get to use it.



Phil (South Africa)


Just a short line to let you know that I have set up the tool holder and I have been using it, gosh it really is a wonderful holder and the tool grinds up to shape very nicely,please pass the good news onto your brother for me. Many thanks.

Kind regards Peter  (UK)


Hi Gary, Many Thank's. The tool arrived today,I have put it to use straight away and can say with absolute cetainty your claims for this product are fully justified. I am amazed and delighted with it. What a great idea, no more "faffing" about with front clearance, top rake etc. this tool does it all so simply!! 

Thanks a lot John (Australia)


Hi Gary,

Tool arrived fine yesterday and I had a bit of a play with it today.  I am pretty new to metal lathes - recently bought a Hercus 2600 a friend of mine wanted to sell.  While I am sure no expert, I am really impressed with this tool.  The mere fact that you can adjust how far the cutter sits up out of the tool makes having to use shims redundant.  I like the idea of the jig to sharpen the cutter as it takes the guess work out of getting the right angle and I found the finish I was getting on just a bit of old mild steel rod much superior to the other cutters I have.  Have yet to have a go at sharpening the cutter to do a thread but will get around to that shortly I expect.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Geoff  (Australia)


I have been using the T6  Diamond toolholder on my AL50G HAFCO since late  2009 and still cannot believe the transformation it has made to this small lathe .

The simple set up and even easier sharpening of cutting tools has to be experienced to be believed !

I was sceptical in the begining but after nearly  2 years of use it does not get removed from my tool post for any reason - indexed around for a boring bar maybe but it is the first choice when i return to turning .

Now they have L/H and R/H toolholders that have a modified angle to make them even easier to use - if that is possible ! not to mention that you can also  use them to cut threads !

Simply a MUST HAVE item for the lathe and all you need to sharpen the cutting tool is a bench grinder and the supplied jig !

Too easy , a model engineers dream come true!


Ian (Sydney, Australia)

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