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Frequently asked questions.


Can the Turnado System be fitted to any lathe?
The bottom adapter plate can be drilled or modified to suit the hole spacing usually used for the top slide mount on your lathe, so any lathe that has a removable top slide should be adaptable.

How difficult is it to mount the work table to my lathe?
This will vary for different makes of lathe. Some just require three clearance holes to be drilled in the bottom adapter plate (ie Sieg C2) whilst others may need a central boss turned as well as the bolt holes (ie Myford S7 and ML7, Hercus 9", South Bend 9")

How difficult is it to change back and forth between the Turnado and the top slide?
Again, this will vary for different makes of lathe. On some models such as the Myford S7, Southbend 9" and Hercus 9" it is very simple and only requires two screws to be loosened. 
For lathes like the Sieg C2 it takes a little bit more work to retract the topslide etc, but it can still be done in under a couple of minutes.

How do I make sure the cutting edge of the tool bit will be on the centre line of my lathe?

The supporting pillars supplied with the system are longer than likely to be required (35mm). By turning all five to the same correct length for your lathe you can ensure that the top of the table is exactly 32mm below the centre line which is the top of the cutter in the tool post. 

Is my lathe going to be big enough to fit the Turnado System?
If the height from the top of the cross slide to the centre line of the lathe is 55mm or more it should be fine.

Will I get lots of metal splinters stuck in my hands from the swarf chips coming off the workpiece?
No, the zero rake angle on top of the cutter tends to form blunt granular chips rather than sharp slivers so this should not happen.

What is the tool height from the top of the work table to the centre line of the lathe?
Once the pillars are turned to the correct length for your lathe the work table top should be 32mm below centre. 

What safety concerns are there with using the Turnado System?

The Turnado is much safer to use than a woodlathe. The design of the tool post eliminates any downward force and it is preset at the correct centre height. 
However, as with operating any rotating machinery you must concentrate on what you are doing and minimise risks. This means eliminate any catch points, wear eye protection, no loose clothing, no long sleeves and most important of all and the one that makes me cringe on any YouTube video NO BLOODY GLOVES!!!!

Can the tool post tip over under a heavy cut?
No, so long as the tool bit does not protrude further out than the area of the base it is impossible to tip the tool post over, no matter how much downward pressure is applied.

What is the maximum diameter material that can be turned over the worktable?

60mm dia can be swung over the work table, but if you want to fit any of the accessory shoes under the workpiece the maximum recommendation is 50mm (2") dia.

What materials can be turned with the System?
The Turnado can be used to machine a wide range of materials such as Plastics, close grained Hardwood, Jewellers Casting Wax, Brass, Bronze, Ductile Cast Iron Rod, free machining grades of Bright Mild Steel (S1214), Stainless Steel (303), and Aluminium (5083) are much easier to turn than some of the other grades as the swarf comes of in small chips or whirls rather than longer strings.

How much force is needed to get the tool bit to cut
Very little on most materials, although Stainless Steel (303 free machining grade) requires a bit more work to turn.

Can the toolbit dig into the workpiece and jam under a heavy cut?
No, the small front clearance angle on the toolbit actually restricts the depth of cut that can be taken and eliminates any chance of a jam up. The flat top on the cutting tool also helps eliminate this occurring.

How big a lathe can the Turnado be used on?
There is no finite size limit but the system works best on a small to medium size centre lathe.

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